To Employers of train drivers

Doctors carrying out medical examinations of train drivers

General Secretaries of ASLEF, RMT and TSSA

Please find below a link to a letter from Ian Prosser CBE regarding the use of an exemption for applications for train driving licenses, where those train drivers do not meet all of the visual acuity requirements of the medical examination.  The letter sets out the conditions for using this exemption.


The letter also reminds employers of train drivers; and doctors who carry out medical examinations of train drivers; of the visual acuity standard they are required by law to use.



If you have any questions about the exemption for visual acuity before 3 September, please contact either of those listed below (availability shown), otherwise I will reply when I return.


13 – 21 August   Sue Butler           [email protected]

9 – 31 August     Tom Kinsella       [email protected]