The ARIOPS Annual Occupational Health Conference was held on Monday 2nd July 2007 at the York Racecourse Conference Center. As usual this was a satellite meeting held on the first day of the Society of Occupational Medicine 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting.


For the first time, the 2007 ARIOPS Annual Occupational Health Conference was open to all professionals -clinical and non-clinical -interested in raising standards of occupational health and safety within the Rail Industry.


A distinguished list of speakers from within the Railway Industries included:


“ARIOPS 2007  AGM Introduction”



“A new approach to rail industry medical standards part 2 – Delivery”


Unknown Publisher


“ORR The New Combined Regulator”


Published by: The Office of Rail and Road


“Health Management. Compliance or Commercial Added Value?”


Unknown Publisher


“Unions- The Workforce Perspective.”


Unknown Publisher


“The TOCs & Occupational Health”


Published by: Steve Bence, ATOC


“Outcomes of Medical Assessments Performed in Accordance with Railway Group Standards”


Published by: Dr. Trevor Cattermole, Director of Clinical Services, Institute of Occupational Medicine


“Development of recommendations for competency of railway doctors”


Unknown Publisher


Barbra Davenport, Head of Occupational Health, South West Trains.


“The Business Case for Occupational Health Initiatives”


Published by Dr Olivia Carlton, Head of Occupational Health ,London Underground.


Dr David Shackleton, Head of RMAG Subcommittee.


Mr Martin Cooke, HMRI/ORR Inspectorate.


“Occupational Health Strategy.”


Published by Valmai Hughes, Occupational Health Specialist.


AGM and AOH Conference programme:


Published by: The ARIOPS Committee